Reduces noise through existing walls by up to 75%

Use: DIY for Preexisting Walls

db2 4Walls db2 4Walls

Consider dB2-4Walls an "Acoustical Wallpaper"—it's lightweight and easy to install. dB2-4Walls can be painted over and reduces noise by up to 75%. For the professional remodeler or the do-it-for-me homeowner, dB2-4Walls transforms thin walls into sound suppressing structures. It is manufactured with recycled material and is 100% recyclable at end-of-life.

dB2-4walls is an effective product for sound-proofing existing rooms in a cost-efficient manner. dB2-4walls is a flexible, dense product that comes in rolls or sheet form to meet your construction capabilities. Use anywhere noise is an issue and needs to be reduced.

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