The Environment

The environment is a top priority at United Plastics Corporation. Our products contain recycled materials and are recyclable at end-of-life. Many of our consumer and commercial products qualify for LEED points.

Our engineers use reclaimed plastics from our own manufacturing processes to make our products. We integrate recycled material from other manufacturers, as well. As an alternative to sending the material to landfills, we transform it into useful products.

Our dB family of Sound Control Solutions utilizes recycled materials from auto makers’ production processes. Once we receive the material, it’s broken down into its most basic form before being repurposed into noise suppressing barriers for wall and floor applications.

At United Plastics, we utilize over 80,000 lbs of recyclable material each day that would otherwise end up in landfills. All of this, so you can feel like you are doing your part for the environment when doing business with us.